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Best Amazon Prime Credit Cards Benefits

What are the benefits of using an Amazon Prime credit card or Signature Visa card when there are a variety of Amazon credit cards now available, some of which are geared at company owners and others towards reward enthusiasts. The online retailer even has a Store Card that can only be used for Amazon purchases, and it stands apart thanks to a unique promotional financing option that spreads the cost of a big purchase out over time with no interest charged.

 It’s natural for consumers to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of credit card options and question which ones are actually worthwhile. The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is the most universally appealing option. Its main appeal is its offer of 5 percent back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, but it tacks on a whole lot more. Only Prime members may use this feature, which is a bummer because Prime membership costs $119 annually. To help you determine if this card is suitable for you, we’ve laid out all the information you need to know.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card:

Reward Programme Agreement:

See the newest Amazon card rewards agreement. Account setup sends your Rewards Program Agreement. users can view their Rewards Program Agreement. and Whole Foods Market (including 365 stores and 3% and 5% Back are covered by the Rewards Program Agreement. 

% Back and Points:

“% Back rewards” are programme prizes. Each $1% Back incentive receives 100 points. Reward brochures may say “% Back”. Amazon Prime Fresh, Amazon Family, Amazon Prime Student, and trial Amazon Prime memberships are exclusively eligible for accounts.

How one can earn points:

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature purchases gain points and have fewer returns. Balance transfers, cash advances, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, race track wagers or similar betting activities, checks that access your account, interest, unauthorised or fraudulent charges, and fees, including yearly fees, do not qualify as purchases or earn points.

When one can earn 5% back at and whole foods markets:

When linked to a Prime account, your card gets 5% Back. Your card may only receive 3% Back if you switched accounts, utilised several accounts, or loaded your card into numerous accounts. Choose your card account number on that account with eligible Prime membership to get 5% Back.

When one can earn 3% back at and whole foods market:

If your account does not have a Prime membership, your card will earn 3% Back on and Whole Foods Market purchases. requires card confirmation and selection to earn 5% Back. Amazon’s “Your Account” “Manage Payment Options” explains.

“If the account you applied for or confirmed and opted to get 5% Back”:

  1. no longer has an eligible Prime membership.
  2. no longer has your card account loaded in that account.
  3. is closed.
  4.  is used to select a different card account to earn 5% Back at or 
  5. is used to apply for another Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card account that is approved and loaded in that account. and Whole Foods Market purchases qualify for 3% or 5% Back. 3% Back offers 3 points every $1, 5% Back gives 5 points. and Whole Foods Market purchases receive 3–5% Back (including physical Whole Foods Market and Whole Foods Market 365 stores, and the website accessible at Amazon Pay merchants, overseas Amazon retail sites, and Amazon websites do not get 3% or 5% Back.

  1.  international Whole Foods Market purchases,
  2. purchases through third-party sites like Eventbrite, Instacart, Google Express, and Shipt,
  3.  online purchases of gift cards (including, event tickets, or classes,
  4. purchases from certain third-party vendors operating at Whole Foods Market sites, and
  5.  2-point back incentives for every $0.02 per $1. 1% for others. 1% returns $1. Program incentives are possible. Each offer specifies bonus points and other terms.
How can one use points: grants points for valid purchases. No minimum amount of points is required to redeem points for cash by account statement credit or electronic deposit into a qualified checking or savings account owned by a US financial institution. Travel, gift cards, and programme or third-party items and services are also redeemable.

Points Expiration: 

If your account is cancelled for programme misuse, fraud, failure to pay, bankruptcy, or other reasons listed in the Rewards Program Agreement, you will lose all your points.

Merchants must get a processor-issued merchant code from Visa/Mastercard. Chase categorise rewards merchant codes. Chase awards all relevant merchant codes.

A rewards-category company may not have a merchant code. This disqualifies merchant purchases from category awards. If third-party payment accounts, mobile or wireless card readers, online or mobile digital wallets, or similar technologies cannot process rewards category purchases, you, an authorised user, or the merchant cannot earn rewards. Chase rewards categories. Points Shopping: 

Further Chase and rules apply. Shop with Points has more. Several paperwork, services, websites (Chase or others), and correspondence are exclusively in English.

Your card has these. Conditional. Insurance companies handle most claims.

Documentation and timelines apply. Your Guide to Benefits explains coverages following account opening.

Zero Liability:

 Protection does not cover unauthorised account use. Report unauthorised account use to Cardmember Services on your card or payment statement.

 Visa Signature Concierge customers pay:

Amazon, the logo, the smile logo, and all associated logos belong to, Inc.


Amazon Store Card:

Benefits of Amazon Store Cards load Amazon Gift Cards with the above value into accounts. Washington-based ACI Gift Cards Amazon Cards. Amazon Gift Card Policies. Store Cards are available to credit-approved consumers. Credit-approved Prime Members receive the Prime Shop Card. 

Store Cards provide customised financing and equal monthly payments. The 5% back benefit applies to purchases (less returns and other credits) made using a Store Card. 

  1.  when signed into an account with an Eligible Prime Membership
  2.  For the Prime Store Card, when signed into any account as long as the cardholder maintains their Eligible Prime Membership on the account from which they originally applied for the Prime Store Card, including 1-Click orders and purchases.
  3.  Amazon Secured Cards. Credit-approved Amazon Secured Cards are available to customers. Credit-approved Prime Members receive Amazon Prime Secured Cards. Amazon Secured Cards may have equal monthly payments. Amazon Secured Card purchases before January 1, 2021 may qualify for special financing. For Secured Card accounts opened after January 1, 2021, the 2% back benefit may apply to purchases (less returns and other credits) made using an Amazon Secured Card. 
  4. The 5% back benefit may apply to purchases (less returns and other credits) made using an Amazon Secured Card (i) when signed into an account with an Eligible Prime Membership, or (ii) for the Amazon Prime Secured Card, when signed into any account as long as the cardholder maintains their Eligible Prime Membership on the account from which they originally applied.
Card Security:  

Store and Secured Cards offer advantages. Per-feature purchase APR, Late Payment Charge, and incentives.

  1. Secured cards offer 10% purchase APRs and $5 late penalties. Store Cards carry 29.99% variable purchase APRs and $40 late penalties. 01/01/2023. Prime Rate affects Store Card APR (as defined in the credit card agreement).
  2. Only post-approval Secured Cards. Secured Card features require a credit limit-equivalent deposit from Synchrony Bank.
  3. Synchrony Bank will evaluate your credit and Store Card eligibility after 12 months. If qualified, Amazon will email you with critical information to assist you pick between Secured Card and Store Card features. Store Cards include higher Purchase APRs, Late Payment Fees, and no security deposit.
  4. Store Card removes Secured Card features forever.
Your security deposit will be returned, minus the amount needed to pay off any:

(a) existing non-promotional balance, (b) expiring (within 2 months) deferred interest promotional balances and required payment due on an equal monthly payments balance, and (c) remaining minimum payment due on the account if not covered by (a) and (b).Store Cards are issued by Synchrony Bank.

Amazon auto-adds your new card: 

Amazon-to-Prime Store Cards. If you have a Qualifying Prime Membership, your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card automatically becomes a Prime Store Card or Prime Secured Card. Amazon may include yearly and monthly Amazon Prime subscriptions, Amazon Household members (excluding Amazon Prime Video and invited guests of an Amazon Prime account), Amazon Prime Fresh, Amazon Family, Amazon Prime Student, and trial memberships. Synchrony Bank controls Prime Store Card and Amazon Prime Secured Card terms and privacy. If you cancel your Qualifying Prime Membership, your Prime Store Card or Amazon Prime Secured Card will become an Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card without losing perks.


 To view or change your default option between % back, special financing, or equal monthly payment sign in to “Your Account,” and select the radio button for your desired option. Amazon defaults. % return applies if special financing or equal monthly payments are unavailable. No interest or equal monthly payments. Checkout with % back, longest equal monthly payments, or special financing . Your default benefit—equal monthly payments or special financing—has the longest promotion length. until June 26, 2019. Equated monthly payments. Choose your benefit’s radio button at No modifications during checkout use your default benefit.

  1. 7% Refund. Except as noted below, your Store Card or Secured Card will get rewards points equal to the appropriate % of purchases (excluding returns and other credits) that qualify for the % back incentive. They sometimes provide % rewards points. Product pages and checkouts show the % back and rewards points. Once-only special financing, equal monthly payments, and % back. Checkout defaults. % back on items under $50. Fraud or abuse may reduce benefits by %. % back may alter or terminate.
  2.  Points equal $1 of incentives. pts. Visit your Synchrony Bank online account management website ( or contact the bank to redeem rewards points as a one-time statement credit or automatically at the end of each billing cycle.
  3. Points and bill credits need a Store or Secured Card. Closed Store Card or Secured Card accounts lose unredeemed rewards points. Earn statement credit rewards points after two billing cycles. Returns are reimbursed by Amazon before points are awarded. Amazon will issue you an Amazon Gift Card for your returned purchase if Synchrony Bank closes your Store Card or Secured Card account and cannot repay your rewards points. Rewards redemption takes five days.
Special financing and equal monthly payments:

Credit check necessary.

  1. Store Card and Secured Card accounts: The normal variable purchase APR is 29.99% as of 01/01/2023, varying with the Prime Rate (as defined in your credit card agreement). $1.50.
  2. Cardless Secured Cards: 10%. $1.50.
  3. Custom financing and equal monthly payments may be rejected. You’ll know at checkout. Customized financing and equal monthly payments end.
  4. 6–12–24-month interest-free financing. Store, Secured, and Secured-to-Store Card functionalities(each, a “Special Financing-Enabled Card account”). Your Special Financing-Enabled Card accrues interest if you don’t pay off the promotional balance in 6–24 months. Minimums. Checkout shows unique financing choices and duration.
Special Financing-Enabled Cards:

apply the special financing offer to the qualified product and other products in order to Reduce the promotional amount before interest accrues. Otherwise, promotional amounts incur purchase interest. Taxes, shipping, and possibly debt forgiveness are promotional balances. Taxes and shipping reduce the minimum purchase amount. Checkout displays Amazon-sold products with 24-month special financing. 1-Click orders and purchases at physical Amazon stores will default to the deal with the longest promotion period if special financing is your default payment option. Special financing cannot employ equal monthly payments or % back. Promotional purchases only cover the first month of recurring subscriptions. First Subscribe and Save purchases need a Special Financing-Enabled Card. Depending on purchase quantity, offer length, and payment allocation, minimum monthly payments may cover purchase by promotional time. Promotional purchases follow account conditions after financing finishes. From January 1, 2021, Amazon and Prime Secured Card holders cannot use special financing.

0% APR and equal monthly payments:

Secured and store cards provide equal monthly payments. Taxes, shipping, and voluntary debt cancellation costs are paid off monthly with no interest. Late penalties accrue purchase APR. Checkout displays products with equal monthly payments and quantities. Equal Monthly Payments-Enabled Cards apply the offer to the eligible product and all other goods in sequence. The equal monthly payment computation excludes voluntary debt. 

cancellation costs:  

Monthly payment may exceed non-promotional minimum. The estimated equal monthly payment may include your minimum payment. If you pick equal monthly payments, 1-Click orders and purchases at physical Amazon stores default to the longest offer length. Special financing and % back conflict with equal monthly payments. If advertised, a monthly payment should allow you to pay off the qualifying purchase (excluding taxes, shipping charges, or optional debt cancellation charges) within the promotional period 

  1. if: (1) the purchase is and will be the only balance on the account (meaning no other fees or charges are incurred and no other items are purchased with this order); and (2) you pay by the due date each month. Shipping and checkout taxes increase monthly payments. If the advertised offer is accepted or chosen as the default benefit, your minimum payment for other amounts will be computed using the equal monthly payments offer. Amazon determines product and quantity for equal monthly payments. Promotional purchases only cover the first month of recurring subscriptions.
  2. Store and Secured Cards are annual-free. New APR begins special financing and equal monthly payments.
0% Fraud Liability: 

Illegal usage isn’t your responsibility. Authorized Store Card or Secured Card use is your responsibility.