Best Laptops for DJing on Amazon in 2023


In this article, we are going to review the best laptops for DJing on Amazon in 2023 to buy and hopefully filter through the relevant features that make each a viable DJing Device and why. 

The best laptop for DJing is powerful, reliable, and easy to use.

It comes with a fast processor, lots of storage, and a good screen size in order to monitor your DJ software. But which one is best overall?

In this article, we’ve assembled a list of the best DJ laptops on the market based on thousands of reviews, user feedback, and moreover our unbiased opinion. Overview of the article and its focus on best laptops for DJing.

The best laptops for DJing on Amazon we’ll be reviewing are:

Here’s our list of the best laptops for DJing on the Amazon market now:

1. Best Laptop for DJing on Amazon Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Retina Display

This model has the longest battery life of an Apple notebook to date, reaching upto 20 hours. Furthermore you can work continuously without being interrupted and also has superfast memory for even more smooth performance. Save file after file without worrying about running out of space and 13.2″ retina display is large enough to suit all projects. Moreover, this model also comes with an Apple Warranty and stay covered for a whole year and make use their 90 day technical support.


+Advanced 16-core Neural Engine.

+1-year warranty.

+Long battery life.

+Powerful Performance.

Why We Liked It- 

We love that the power of this best laptop will be able to tackle everything, not just all your DJing needs.

So, if DJing is only a part of what you do, make quick work of any other tasks with the Apple MacBook Pro.

2. Best Laptop for DJing on Amazon Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is one of a kind and features three modes for all your working needs. Go traditional with beat laptop mode, get the perfect angle for your workflow with studio mode. Remove the keyboard completely to create a tablet, so you can work the way that suits you.

Similarly, this is a best laptop for DJs who are always on the go. The super-slim, light-weight design means you can take it anywhere you need to go. And even if you don’t have access to WIFI, the LTE Advanced Pro connectivity will ensure you remain connected.  

It features an edge-to-edge PixelSense Display Touchscreen for a large workspace. As well as the laptop also comes with free upgrades, so you’ll always be upto date with the latest software. 


+Three modes : table, studio, and laptop.

+Edge-to-edge design.

+Lightweight and thin for on the go users.

Why We Liked It-

The standout feature is the three modes and pros. Switch from laptop mode to studio mode to tablet mode. Detach and attach the keyboard when needed, and don’t forget to use the Slim pen for an even more efficient workflow.


3. Best Laptop for DJing on Amazon Dell XPS 13 9360

 Dell XPS 13 9360

Next up is a bit of competition from Dell. For instance it serves up 8GB of RAM on par with the MacBook retina. It has a 7th generation dual core i5 processor trumping those we have reviewed so far. It harbors 128GB of solid state drive storage and also operates on a Windows 10 64-bit system.

It is expertly made from fine components and has a fairly sturdy build given its compact nature. It is a 13.3-inch laptop. Its touch screen is advantageous in terms of the product’s ease of use.

It retails just below the price level of the others mentioned and is the faster option and its biggest benefit is that it features 2 USB3 ports, 1 USB 3.1, and 1 Thunderbolt port as well, so your input and output options are much more versatile with the XPS.

+ Compact but sturdy.
+ Fast processor.
+ Affordably priced.

Why We Liked It – It is a great option for those of you whose equipment requires more than a single slot spare.

4. Best Laptop for DJing on Amazon Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book

With so many Android Operating Systems advancing we are starting to see some Admirable DJing software apps. However, they are a great stepping stone into the industry and cheaper more viable option.

For the most seasoned DJ, the Lenovo probably isn’t a sensible solution. Particularly a tablet option has much less storage but this thing is hiding 64GB and they make higher storage models as well.

The battery life is also pretty impressive offering upto 15 hours between charges. Its 360 degree hinge allows for flexible use which is useful when you are looking at portability. 


+Android option.

+Small footprint.

+Competitively priced.

Why We Liked It-

It doesn’t make the most ideal option we have included this to highlight the best of the Android OS options, if that is the way you venture.

5. Best Laptop for DJing on Amazon Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Another incredibly lightweight and compact option from the Apple family that makes for an excellent choice is the MacBook Air, their thinnest laptop ever.

It has a fifth gen Intel processor featuring turbo boost to increase the productivity speeds. The memory speed is also good and it provides 8GB RAM and has an onboard high speed SSD that has 128GB of storage.

Despite its powerful processing it still manages to hold around 8-12 hours of battery life between charges. It features WIFI, Bluetooth, and has a Thunderbolt port along with 2USB 2.0 connections.

This is an older model so comes in a slightly lower price and with a protective sleeve. 


+Reasonable price.

+Thin and Light weight.

+Good I/O options.

Why We Liked It-

It provides much faster processing than the MacBook Pro retina . It is not much of a price increase as it is in now an older model, making it an affordable choice for running Mac only software.

Laptop For DJing Buyers Guide

The first issue to mull over as you narrow down your laptop search is which OS to commit to. Whilst it is true there are ways to emulate them, this isn’t ideal for live performance. So, unfortunately, you are going to have to choose your preferred software and decide whether you’re a Mac or a PC!

When it comes to sourcing a laptop to sufficiently run your software and store your tunes, you want to be looking at the speed specs, and space. Must be customizable , editable , high-resolution and style variety.

Processor Speed and Power:

As far as laptops for DJ use are concerned the spec demands aren’t particularly high in relation to most modern devices. However in a live situation the faster the better you don’t want a system that can’t keep up with the workload. 

So the first key thing to consider is the processing power, this should be at least dual core and i5 or higher . But in all honesty unless budget really is a huge constraint you probably ought to skip illustrates anything with a below i7 processor on-board . As technology rarely takes a step backward and you might find future products less compatible in the long-run.

RAM and Storage Capacity:

RAM requirements are typically fairly low for the majority of DJ software. You are going to need a minimum of 2GB of high-speed RAM around 1600MHz . Yet but we recommend 8GB to effectively cover your software demands at their peak performance.

On a side note if you produce your own tracks or remixes and use any additional digital audio workspaces. You will require a minimum of 8GB possibly more if you are prone to sample-heavy productions.

Although if you don’t work with records, then to manage your extensive libraries you are going to find your self in dire need of some meaty onboard storage. Realistically this should be solid state drive storage as it can be retrieved far quicker and as we have previously mentioned speed is key. Audio tracks don’t typically have huge file sizes and the majority of new laptops will have plenty up for grabs.

If you work with an Audio Interface or turntable, you will need to make sure that the specs above meet the requirements of your equipment.

Quality of the Laptop:

From my point of view if you are a DJ/Producer working at home on edits or remixes you may care about the speaker quality of the laptop itself . But it is advisable to source a high end set of zero latency headphone monitors and performance DJ speakers anyway. 

Many AI and turntables use USB ports to connect, so you will have to consider your input/output requirements thoroughly . Importantly before you buy, though you can buy USB hub ports to help extend your laptops connectivity abilities.

Once again, remembering that speed is key USB connections should be USB C/3 or thunderbolt preferably as they are much faster and higher bus powered.

Important Factors:
  • Whilst some of the most important factors you need to think about before buying a laptop for DJing are based heavily on its internal components one major thing to add to your tick list is durability.
  • If you are going to be traveling around with your laptop as a mobile DJ, it will need to be well-made and of sturdy construction. It would also be wise to consider suitable carry case solutions to protect it during its transit.
  • This is especially true in the case of some of the thinner options such as the Dell thin and light, the Lenovo Yoga, or either of the Mac Books.
  • From our DJ Laptop reviews, you can clearly see (in relation the knowledge included in our buyer guide info) just why some of the gaming laptops have made our list.
  • The requirements for a fully immersive high FPS gaming experience necessitates very similar specification requirements as audio production and DJing demands of a computer unit.


In conclusion there is a lot of info to consider before you buy a laptop for DJ use. The manner in which you DJ and the tools you use will factor heavily in on your decision. Finding something with suitable specs can be overwhelming if the terms used are little more than jargon to you.

With a bit of luck, our buyers’ guide will have helped to break down what to look for in a decent laptop for DJing into easy to understand information to assist you in your search for something suitable for you. If buying a laptop is uncharted territory then you may still find yourself a little lost, so to summarize the most important points.

Research your software and hardware requirements, think about your input and output needs, buy the best processor your budget allows for and remember you can never have too much space to store your songs in. Lastly, buy something well-built with something adequate to carry it in.