Tubebuddy Vs VidIQ


TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ Now, which is better to use Tubebuddy or VidIQ? why is it better than the other? let’s see. 

As a Youtuber and a Content Creator, it is a hectic task to keep track of everything. From posting, and creating to commenting and engaging with the viewers. 

You need more than the basic YouTube studio to create quality videos for your channel. 

Quick! If you want better results from YouTube, you should invest in a tool that will shortcut the tedious publishing process and dive deeper into the moderation and marketing strategies for your channel. TubeBuddy and VidIQ with the most popularised tools used by many brands, Content Creators, and YouTubers. 


This is one of the best Browser extension Tools used by many Youtubers, Content Creators and Brands to improve their views and subscription to their individual Chanel. TubeBuddy comes with budget-friendly subscriptions to start with and many tools are free and come in handy even though you are someone new to Youtube posting and creating. 

The high-quality products made by TubeBuddy are meant to make you happier and more productive while you use YouTube. 

It’s an add-on for your browser that works great as a YouTube tool and instantly makes your publisher tools better. It has publishing and content management capabilities that facilitate YouTube channel optimization and expansion. 

This eliminates the need to continually optimise video titles, descriptions, and tags for YouTube views. Its secret weapon is its capacity to manage annotations and cards, which are traffic drivers.

Five main Categories are:

1. Productivity:
  • Emoji Picker: According to studies, marketing content uses emoji 775 % more each year. You may now use these bits of information in titles and descriptions on YouTube. Emojis can discover relevant YouTube videos. Emoji Picker lets you add emoticons to your films to make them stand out.
  • Thumbnail Generator: YouTube visitors only see a video thumbnail, which will either impress or disappoint. Professional thumbnails boost channel traffic. TubeBuddy’s Thumbnail Generator is popular since making them with Photoshop is difficult.
2.  Bulk processing: 
  • Among the bulk processing options offered by TubeBuddy are its bulk copy cards, bulk delete cards, bulk update cards, and bulk copy finish screens, to mention a few.
  • YouTube cards may make your videos more interactive and link viewers to specific websites. This utility allows bulk card addition, saving time.
  • With mass search, replace, and add, it’s perfect for deleting video titles and descriptions from webinar to webinar. It edits movie names, tags, and descriptions in bulk. This programme may also update any movie links on your new website and remove any unnecessary references.
3.  Video SEO: 
  • Keyword tools and optimization—including keyword research—are essential for YouTube SEO. TubeBuddy offers a keyword rank tracker, insta-suggest, captions, auto-translator, tag list generator, and other video SEO tools.
  • This YouTube keyword tool helps your video appear in global viewership rankings and popular video genres (keyword research tools).
  • Auto-Translator: This tool helps internationalise your YouTube channel. Translations of the video’s metadata (description, tags, and title) can reach a large audience.
  • Keyword Rankings:  Several filmmakers want their movie on YouTube’s recommended list. YouTube videos are often searchable. Keyword ranks will increase greatly. If you can’t track SEO outcomes, you can’t evaluate video performance (SEO). TubeBuddy’s Keyword Rank Tracking tool compares your video SEO to your competitors’.
4. Promotion: 
  • Without promotion, your YouTube material won’t be seen. TubeBuddy’s advertising capabilities include a share counter, attractive description, discount offer, subscriber outreach, and promoted videos.
  • Ads: You may easily add your website and email marketing methods to TubeBuddy’s link generator. These links now measure clicks and impressions.
  • Share Tracker: Share your video regularly to obtain the maximum views. TubeBuddy’s Share Tracker is the best approach to avoid duplicate social shares and forgetting other sites.
5. Data and Research:
  • TubeBuddy’s research and analytics tools can help you understand your YouTube channel and videos. Next, create new ideas and growth tactics to keep your channel growing. These great tools include Videolytics, Channelytics, the Health Report, Brand Alerts, and the Competitive Landscape Analyzer.
  • Health Report: Assessing your channel’s success and health will reveal which videos work best. It provides demographics, search volume, and viewing length.
  • Brand Alerts: Brand alerts notify you of new videos that reference your channel or brand. When a rival posts a video, it checks YouTube for mentions.


When it comes to optimising and promoting content on YouTube, VidIQ is one of the few all-inclusive tools available. If you implement VidIQ’s suggestions, you may see a 100% rise in both views and popularity. On top of all that, there is no cost at all for the fully featured Basic Plan. Statistics show the way to success, and VidIQ, a management and audience-building package approved by YouTube, is perfect for SEO tasks like these.

The VidIQ concept is well integrated with YouTube, facilitating features like scheduled video posting, YouTube SEO, stats and insights into Twitter and Facebook interactions, comment moderation, and bulk editing of video descriptions. VidIQ streamlines your digital marketing and channel administration to help you get in front of more eyes.

The VidIQ plugin or extension (browser plugin) is easy to install and use.

1. Custom Data Reporting and Analysis:
  • VidIQ can help YouTubers identify their most popular content. Its engagement metrics graph gives you an overview of your social media activities. VidIQ’s analytics are far better organised and presented than YouTube’s.
  • Use YouTube’s “Best Time of Day” option to maximise viewership and engagement.
  • If you want to know your audience’s gender or location, use YouTube’s Audience Demographics tool. The viewer sources data from the watch time analytics tool, which includes the top Google and YouTube keywords and keyword phrases that drive watch time.
2. Influencer Discovery:
  • VidIQ has perfected subscriber breakdowns. These stats reveal who views, comments on, and loves your work. This tool is great for finding out what channels your consumers subscribe to and watch. This premium tool lets you locate and engage your most devoted followers.
3. Channel Management Service:
  • Your content plan should be tailored to your subscribers, and VidIQ’s premium channel management services will offer you audit data for your channel, YouTube statistics, and support and account methods.
4.  Work Flow Automation:
  • Long-tail keywords, a keyword research module, keyword recommendations (and the proper keywords), tags, cards, and annotations may assist subscribers in discovering your content and increase the view times of your channel and videos.

  • YouTube’s character limitation will take time if you have hundreds of videos and wish to manually adjust these characteristics (500). The VidIQ solution for automating processes saves time, money, and sanity, allowing you to focus on producing amazing content.

5. Community Management: 
  • You may post films, moderate user comments, and manage community interactions using VidIQ. 


Which is Content Creators or Youtubers or Brands most Favourite and why?
  • TubeBuddy works with all of the major web browsers, unlike VidIQ, which can only be used as a Chrome extension.
  • Compare the monthly costs of VidIQ’s paid plan, which begins at $7.50, with TubeBuddy’s, which begins at $9.
  • Especially in comparison to VidIQ, TubeBuddy’s metrics are far more in-depth and fairly comprehensive.
  • You can do some pretty sophisticated analytics with even the free or intermediate TubeBuddy plans.
  • If you’re looking for a YouTube analytics dashboard that doesn’t track your activity without your knowledge and you also value privacy, VidIQ is your best bet.
  • The learning curve for VidIQ is minimal. All of the features can be found in plain sight, and the interface is straightforward and user-friendly. The add-on for Google Chrome functions without any hiccups.
  • Though TubeBuddy’s interface is intuitive, its seamless integration into YouTube’s management panel gives the impression that it’s brimming with features. Its website and browser extension are slow, and it has an antiquated interface to boot.