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YouTube Shorts for Creators: How to Stand Out from the Crowd from Your PC


  • Explanation of YouTube Shorts

How to upload YouTube Shorts from PC .YouTube Shorts is a short-form video feature that the YouTube app introduced in 2020 to compete with rivals like Instagram Reels and Tik-Tok. Using this feature, content creators can record short videos of up to 60 seconds and add music/sound overlays to the YouTube app. While creators on the platform have always (technically, since 2012) been able to use the app for creating videos, Shorts is different because it offers a few tools that are not available with regular and additionally videos. For starters, hence it offers a multi-segment camera that creators can use to string multiple clips together into a single Shorts video. Creators can also control the playback speed, add tracks from an expansive music library, or access hands-free recording with countdown and accordingly timer tools. 


  • Where Do YouTube Shorts Appear?

Shorts appear in several places within the YouTube app, making them highly discoverable and therefore, a great way to attract viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel. It even has its dedicated tab, however afterward which you can access by tapping on the “Shorts” button at the bottom of the screen on the mobile app. The same tab can be accessed from the left-hand panel on the YouTube website. Additionally, than users may also come across recommended Shorts when scrolling through the YouTube homepage on the app. Viewers can watch one of these Shorts even while watching a regular YouTube video. The video is automatically paused when they click on the Shorts and then it is automatically resumed once the viewer closes the Shorts.


YouTube Shorts


Being highly discoverable on the YouTube homepage, Shorts are an excellent way for content creators to expand their reach and grow their audience base. Think of Shorts as free samples to attract foot traffic to a store. Although they can give people a glimpse into your content quality and potentially get them to visit moreover your channel and watch more of your content. First of all, YouTube Shorts show up in a couple of places on YouTube. Viewers can easily come across your Shorts as they scroll through the Shorts page on the website or click on the Shorts tab on the mobile app.

Plus, Shorts also show up on the homepage of the YouTube app. Besides there are plenty of opportunities for people to notice your Shorts–whether on the homepage or actively looking for Shorts to watch. Basically this allows you to get your content in front of potential viewers generally who aren’t already subscribed to your channel but have shown an interest in content similar to yours. 

People who view your Shorts may be curious to check out what other content you’ve created, enticing them to click through to your channel. And they might eventually subscribe if they see what you like, helping you grow your subscribership and your fan base. 


  • Importance of Shorts for Creators
1.YouTube Shorts Give You a One-of-a-Kind Ground-Floor Opportunity.

Whenever the latest social media platform or service is launched, it undergoes a “break-in” period. Early adopters can take advantage of this interim to build out their content on the platform or service.

YouTube is considering a substantial investment in its Shorts service. This should be an incentive for marketers. YouTube’s giant search engine parent company, Google, hopes to follow on the heels of the successful Tik-Tok format and perhaps surpass its competitors in both reach and revenue.

Digital marketers who tinker with YouTube Shorts could reap the rewards of Google’s market share. Marketers of every size can expect to find new eyeballs as this new service is further refined and developed. For now, YouTube Shorts opens the door to everyone. So early adopters find that their video content is warmly welcomed by audiences and generally indexed by search engines.


2. YouTube Shorts Allows You to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy and Repurpose It in the Future

Too much production time is spent creating and optimizing video content only to witness those projects failing to propel your digital marketing goals. Short video platforms that fade content are not a smart choice.

Since it is ineffective in building your brand’s reputation for the long term. Awesome content becomes even more awesome when viewers are mesmerized by one short video and want to discover where it came from.

In contrast to YouTube Stories, YouTube Shorts do not disappear after a few days. Digital marketers can utilize short videos to drive the overall narrative of their business, establishing its quality and reliability. YouTube Shorts also have the ability required to reinvigorate previously produced high-quality videos. Videos published several months ago continue to have enduring value.


30 Ways to Make Your YouTube Channel Stand Out From the Crowd

YouTube is one of the popular video-sharing platforms that can be used for individual promotion and also business promotion. Having your own YouTube channel helps to reach a large number of users. There is no charge to upload the video and if the content is good it can go viral very fast. Instead of being one among the millions of YouTube creators, make your channel stand out in the following ways.

1. Make sure that your channel name is unique and different.

2. Your channel name and the channel URL of the page should be different.

3. The name of the YouTube channel must be appealing to the consumers.

4. The user must know by the YouTube channel name what type of videos are placed in the channel.

5. Create a YouTube channel trailer that helps to attract the viewers and they end up landing on your channel watching your videos.

6. The channel trailer must be short and should explain the content of the videos in your channel.

7. Select an icon of proper resolution that will appear even on a small mobile screen. When the icon is appealing even new viewers will watch your videos.

8. Optimize your YouTube channel to look good to all the viewers coming from various platforms such as PC, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

9. To promote your videos, concentrate on creating great thumbnails to attract viewers and make them click the video.

10. Check the resolution of the thumbnail and the format.


  • Important points to be followed :

11. Use the call to action feature to ask the viewers to subscribe, watch other videos, share videos, or comment on your videos.

12. You can either use the annotations or direct host mentions to request the viewers to act.

13. Using end cards for your videos is a good idea and this helps in still increasing your channel subscribers.

14. To get more exposure to your YouTube channel, allow viewers to embed your videos.

15. Another way to promote the YouTube channel is to incorporate it into emails, blogs, and social media sites such as Facebook.

16. To make your YouTube channel unique use the following In Video programming feature which is not much used by people.

17. In Video programming features allow you to embed feature video, which means a thumbnail of your other video pops up and finally the viewers can click on it and watch it.

18. Embed a watermark on all your videos in the channel. The viewers can than click over the watermark and subscribe directly to your channel.

19. To keep the audience engaged, regularly post the videos and this also helps in increasing subscribers to your channel.

20. Channel ad also helps to increase the number of subscribers.


  • How to use Google plus? 

21. Make use of Google plus connections

22. For making your YouTube channel a success cross-promote the channel

23. Use the keywords that have high potential to get hits and use them in your titles.

24. You can use the Google Keyword tool to search for the keywords and especially tag them to get higher ranks in search engine results.

25. Keep your videos short and sweet. If the video is longer, however it should have good content to sustain the interest of the viewers.

26. Make sure that the videos produced for your channel have content with long-term viewing capacity.

27. Do not follow other YouTube channels and try something new i.e. it is risky.

28. You can add your official website link and other social media links to your YouTube channel.

29. Encourage the audience to comment on your videos and firstly respond to their queries and questions as quickly as possible.

30. Get your YouTube channel verified.


Shortly YouTube has a large user base and using a YouTube channel of your help to promote yourself or your products is good for your business promotion also.